Internship FAQs

What is Carolina Athletic Hospitality? 
  • Carolina Athletic Hospitality is part of REVELXP, a sports production/event management company. We are contracted by The Rams Club and UNCAA to manage the premium seating and hospitality areas at UNC. 
Where are you located?  
  • Our office is located in the Loudermilk Center for Excellence (The Blue Zone) in Kenan Stadium on UNC's campus.                                              
Am I qualified?    
Office Internship
  • In order to qualify you must have a college degree by the start of the internship. You cannot still be in school during the internship as the internship is full-time. Experience in event management, sport management, hospitality, and/or customer service is preferred but not required.
Game Day Internship
  • You may still be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate classes to be considered for the part-time game day internship. Preference will be given to upperclassmen. 
How long does the internship last? 
  • The Office internship runs for 12 months, although start and end dates are subject to change. 
  • The part-time internships begin in August 2024 and ends in May 2025. The start and end dates are subject to change.
Office Internship
  • You will work a normal workweek (roughly 25-30 hours) in addition to home football games, basketball games, baseball games, rental events, and other special events. This position requires a lot of time and dedication. Interns must be flexible with scheduling and willing to work long hours on weekdays and weekends.
Game Day Internship
  • You will work all home football games and all Fridays before home football games. You will be scheduled on a monthly basis for rental events and other sporting events. CAH will work with your schedule, but you must have the ability to be flexible when it comes to scheduling.
Is this internship paid?
  • Yes. The office internship and part-time internships are paid hourly.
How many interns work for Carolina Athletic Hospitality?
  • Carolina Athletic Hospitality hires one office intern and two game day interns. Both internships are one-year commitments.
Do I have to have a specific degree?
  • No! Carolina Athletic Hospitality accepts applications from people of all backgrounds.
How do I apply?
  • Visit our internships page for more information on how to apply. If the application is not posted online we are not accepting applications. You may also email [email protected] & [email protected] for additional information.