FANgineer FAQs

What is Carolina Athletic Hospitality? 
  • Carolina Athletic Hospitality is part of REVELXP, a sports production/event management company. We are contracted by The Rams Club and UNCAA to manage the premium seating and hospitality areas at UNC. 
Where are you located?  
  • Our office is located in the Loudermilk Center for Excellence (The Blue Zone) in Kenan Memorial Stadium on UNC's campus. 
How does the hiring process work?
  • You will need to submit an application using the button below. We will then conduct interviews for selected applicants.
When would I work?
  • Carolina Athletic Hospitality FANgineers™ are required to work all 7 home football games. Each game day will require around 8-10 hours of work. We would like to make sure you are aware you are unable to watch the game while working.
Is this a paid position?
  • Yes.
Would I get to watch the game?
  • No. Please understand that this position is not an opportunity to watch the game. FANgineer™ responsbilities require a high level of service and attentiveness. A dedicated and focused staff is essential to the success of all premium areas. Furthermore, the guests notice and appreciate the hard work of the FANgineers™ and rewarding relationships can be built not just with the peers, but also with the guests.
Would I get a break during the day?
  • Of course! Each FANgineer™ will receive a 30 minute break, which includes a meal.
Do I get to pick where I work on game days?
  • In order to place each person in a position that highlights his/her strengths, placement decisions are left up to the Carolina Athletic Hospitality staff.
Are there any physical requirements to be a FANgineer?
  • Yes. To be a FANgineer, you must be able to meet the following physical requirements:
    • Ability to stand on your feet for a minimum of 8 hours straight outside of a 30 minute break
    • Ability to arrive at Kenan Memorial Stadium and leave on your own
    • Ability to navigate Kenan Memorial Stadium, walking in confined spaces amongst guests within multiple areas of the stadium
    • Ability to communicate with staff/guests, including general interpersonal communication as well as potential radio communication
    • Ability to work outside with some exposure to environmental conditions including various changes in temperature and general weather
    • Visual acuity necessary to make general observations of guests and premium areas with specific regard to enforcing policies and realizing issues on game day
I'm interested! What do I do now?
  • Click on the button below to fill out the application! We look forward to hearing from you!