NOW HIRING for the 2024 FOOTBALL SEASON & FC Series Soccer Match!



FANgineers™ are members of the CAH Game Day Staff and extensions of REVELxpThe Rams Club, and the University of North Carolina.


FANgineers™ serve as goodwill ambassadors to ticket-holders and their guests while maintaining the operational policies in place for all premium seating areas. FANgineers™ also serve as a liaison between donors, caterers, maintenance staff, custodial staff, CAH Directors, and Athletic Department personnel.
Think one part event host, one part walking information station, and three parts customer service expert. 


There are 7 home games on the 2024 Carolina Football schedule this season that you are required to work. The 2024 home games are listed below. Most home game kickoff times are TBA. You will be working approximately 8-10 hours each game day. Your report time is 3 hours prior to kickoff of each game. We do like to make sure you are aware you are unable to watch the game while working. After football season, many of our FANgineers™ have the option of working basketball and baseball season. 
Kenan Memorial Stadium will also be hosting a European soccer match featuring the Celtic Football Club and Manchester City. This match will take place on July 23, and will operate similarly to a football game.

2024 Home Football Schedule



FANgineers™ assist in the operation of the premium areas within Kenan Stadium. 


Please note: Because Carolina Athletic Hospitality is an official office of REVELxp (a private company), we are not considered an "on-campus job", therefore we can only hire applicants who are eligible to work in the US for any employer.


Can't stop, won't stop - we love serving others.  But for those interested in career fields related to hospitality, management, event planning and/or athletics administration, FANgineers get the added bonus of earning (paid) experience in behind-the-scenes game-day execution.